Multieffect Evaporator (MEE)


Evaporation is a process to concentrate a non-volatile solute from a solvent (water) by boiling off the solvent. It is special case of heat transfer to a boiling liquid to result in separation of a liquid mixture into a liquid product (concentrate or thick liquor) and a vapor The design of an evaporator should be with the objective of economy. The chief factor to obtain the economy/efficiency of an evaporator system is to increase the number of effects such that the vapours obtained from first effect act as a heating medium for another effect.

The operating costs of an evaporation plant is largely determined by the utility/energy (steam and power) required to achieve the desired evaporation/concentration. Apart from the motive to save steam, its operation cost can be reduced further by use of Thermal Vapour Recompressor (TVR), to improve the steam economy which uses the dead vapours and gives the same steam/energy saving as an additional evaporation effect.

Although small, the steam economy can also be improved by feed pre-heating systems using the waste heat from process plants.


  1. Concentration of RO rejects.
  2. Concentration of Industrial Effluent.
  3. Concentration of Pharmaceutical Products.
  4. Concentration of food, beverages and dairy products.

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